Tiltviewer rules, ok?

It’s been a long time since I pandered to the geek in me…so much to do- so little time (or was it the other way round?)

So whilst whiling time on a lazy Sunday, I stumbled across this really neat gallery creator called Tiltviewer and wasted no time in updating my online photo gallery.*

I’m finally getting the hang of wildlife photography; my subjects no longer run away as soon as I approach. With some luck, I should be able to manage this with human models 😉

*The gallery is in Flash and is urm..a bit unorthodox; many people complained that the objective of viewing the snaps was not achieved because of my choice of gallery. At first glance (or even the second and the third) I couldn’t see what they meant, but around the 147th glance I realized they were right. As a fancy showcase, Tv is nice; as a photo viewer it’s not really all that hot. If you hate it then you are advised to steer clear and visit the regular gallery here.

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