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To Levitate a carpet….

….all you need to do is read this article and practise the following diligently: Eat a hundred and fifty seven eggs daily Mix the sweat of a toad and the liver of a platypus, look at it and not throw up. Add some dodo DNA for good measure (I know they’re officially extinct but I […]

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Another one..

And yet another one..

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Numero Deux

And another one..

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My First Stereogram!!

Here’s my first attempt at a stereogram. If you don’t know what a stereogram is click here. If you have trouble seeing the the hidden 3D image, take your face close to the monitor and focus BEHIND the image until you see three dots at the top (not two or four). Then move your face […]

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Just created some masterpieces using Surface 3D. These things are incredibly interesting

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