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Completed Diablo 2 Lord of Destruction today… without any cheats(and as a sorceress, at that)!!! *SOB* my mom will be so proud… Consequently my character no longer goes by the title of ‘Babe’ – she is a ‘Slayer Babe‘ *drum roll* It’s a terrible name as names go, I know, but it’s better than ‘Slayer […]

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New Year’s Resolution

1024 x 768px *Evil grin and a mad rush for safety*

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Cause and Effect

Putting down useless words on paper was the besetting sin of the 20th century; putting them online is that of the 21st.I believe this is the only justification for my blog. On my way to office last week, I was stopped by a group of protestors near Neelayam theatre. I wasn’t entirely sure who they […]

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A murder of sorts

While cleaning out my cupboard today, I discovered the stock of cheap fiction with even cheaper characters, which had sustained me in my Deutsch lectures in school. Looking over them, I felt remarkably nostalgic. No Shaw or Hardy or Austen had ever given me the vicarious thrills which these novels with their sleazy characters and […]

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The flame of the forest

It doesn’t seem fair that the world is this colourful when my life is so drab.Fortunately Nature doesn’t really care how you feel…Took this at my bro’s place…It’s a Gulmohar tree. Thanks to ImageShack for free Image Hosting

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