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Of Orals and Disasters

I dug this out from my archives of junior year inanity. This is something I scribbled in the middle of an Applied Electronics lecture that was extraordinarily boring, even by Kelkar’s standards. It eventually wormed its way into the college magazine, the vociferous objections of the magazine secretary notwithstanding . T.E. was a time of […]

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Tap dance of the sugar plum fairy

Ta ta ta…. tut ta tuta…Ta ta ta…tut ta tutaTa ta ta…. tut ta tuta…Ta ta ta…tut ta tuta Ti taa Ti Taa Ti taa Ti Taa TaTi taa Ti Taa Ti taa Ti Taa Ta Ta da!

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To Levitate a carpet….

….all you need to do is read this article and practise the following diligently: Eat a hundred and fifty seven eggs daily Mix the sweat of a toad and the liver of a platypus, look at it and not throw up. Add some dodo DNA for good measure (I know they’re officially extinct but I […]

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