Android transit system app


Background Activities Tech Specs

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Requirements Elicitation

Subsequent to proposing an RFID solution titled ‘Oculus’ for effectively managing its assets and people to UPMC, UPMC, eBiz LLP was requested to carry out a requirements analysis of UPMC’s existing processes to ascertain the feasibility of implementing an RFID solution. This document outlines the nature of the approach taken.

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Data Mining

Data mining is a process using a diverse array of data analysis tools to extract relevant data and identify patterns for increasing revenues and reducing costs for businesses. The key applications of data mining are in business are in profiling practices. While employing such practices, massive volumes of available data necessitate some way of discriminating […]

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LinkedIn – a case study

By the year 2008 the battle between Social Networking Sites (SNS) and Professional Social Networking Sites (PSNS) to capture a dominant share of the social media market had already attained epic proportions. A major dilemma faced by the major players in this market was whether to open up their platforms and APIs to outside developers […]

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Heuristic Analysis

A heuristic analysis and contextual analysis for Toffem Medicines.

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