The magic that is XKCD


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Critical Reasoning Basics

Here is the link to an Introduction to Critical Reasoning. If you arrived here from my former blog, please update your bookmarks.

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Completed Diablo 2 Lord of Destruction today… without any cheats(and as a sorceress, at that)!!! *SOB* my mom will be so proud… Consequently my character no longer goes by the title of ‘Babe’ – she is a ‘Slayer Babe‘ *drum roll* It’s a terrible name as names go, I know, but it’s better than ‘Slayer […]

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Tiltviewer rules, ok?

It’s been a long time since I pandered to the geek in me…so much to do- so little time (or was it the other way round?) So whilst whiling time on a lazy Sunday, I stumbled across this really neat gallery creator called Tiltviewer and wasted no time in updating my online photo gallery.* I’m […]

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New Year’s Resolution

1024 x 768px *Evil grin and a mad rush for safety*

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